Choosing the right real estate agency


The real estate agencies are the agencies that deal in properties involving buying and selling of investments for buyers as well as sellers. They are the authorised agents under the government’s legal acts. These real estate agencies are run by the real estate agents, who do the sales marketing jobs on behalf of the customers.

They are the legalised agents who are commonly called as the “brokers” and help buyers in buying of property and sellers for selling their property. In short they do the marketing of these properties for their customers. They do these transactions to enable the customers to get a property of their choice within their budget.

A real estate agent strives to sell the seller’s property at the highest possible range and at the same time tries to buy/ purchase land for lowest potential value at the best terms for the buyer’s property. Thus for doing these deals in marketing of properties, he charges his share of money called as “commission”.

Apart of this commission, these agents are also played well by the traders. The traders are the people who exercise/ control and run the real estate agencies.

If you are looking to buy a property, then go for a professional agent who can get you the kind of land/ property you wish to buy. Always prefer paper work, at try to avoid verbal agreements as this has no proof. Ask the agent for any side fees that will be required to pay in future. After investigating about the various details involved to buy a property. Go for an agreement with the real estate agent in terms for buying a property.

You should be aware of the fact that the terms, conditions and policies differ from agencies to agencies and various selling parties. So always make sure that you read the terms and other contracts before signing any kind of agreement. However their exists two different types of real estate relationship pertaining to the clients (buyers or sellers). These are: 1) agency relationship and 2) non-agency relationship.

In agency relationship, the brokers are signed under a particular agreement in regard with the buyer or the seller. They play the role of providing full services to their clients based on some amount of commission. The agency relationship is governed by the fiduciary responsibilities.

The non-agency relationship is a relationship where no legal written agreement or any fiduciary obligations exists. The broker acts on behalf of the customer. He handles all the transactions relating to the purchasing or selling of the land/ property. This can be seen in places where the buyer/ seller wish to work with the transaction broker. This unrealised agreement leads to non- agency relationship.

Depending on the type of requirement you need regarding buying or selling of your property, select the right real estate agency accordingly which can benefit you a lot.