Insulated Concrete Form


A concrete wall that is formed by using stay-in-place concrete forms is known as an insulated concrete form. These concrete forms are known to consist of thermally resistive foam insulation and have the quality of being durable to a large extent.

Advantages of insulated concrete form

Insulated concrete form ensures insulation at a very superior level if included right at the time of construction of the structure. Energy saving is high and thus utility bills are consequently under control. It also provides soundproof insulation, which helps in reducing overall noise levels. Another advantage of using insulated concrete form is that it has been known to increase the value of the property and makes the resale value higher in the market.

Designing with insulated concrete form

The home design process will need to include insulated concrete form right from the basic construction. Thickness of walls, number of windows and doors and plumbing design and installation must be adequately looked after. It is specially recommended that the homeowner, designer, the architect and the construction contractor come together to plan and design the entire project. This will prevent the project from going off its designed track right from the initial stage up to the finishing stage. The cost of insulated concrete form depends upon the number of features that the product comes with. The higher the number of features, the greater is the cost. The homeowner should accordingly allocate his budget to accommodate as many features as possible.

Resources for insulated concrete form

Manufacturers and suppliers for insulated concrete form are not hard to find. Most of them would be listed in the local area directory or the yellow pages. Information about where to locate them and the kind of services they provide along with product specifications can also be derived from home building associations. The Internet is another useful source of information for finding insulation and concrete contractors in any area. It is recommended that homeowners should include insulated concrete form in the construction of the house at the initial stage and not wait for the entire structure to be completed and then start thinking about insulation for the different individual living spaces in the house.