Know everything about North Dakota Real estate


Whenever someone mentions about the Sioux Indians, the thought process goes to North Dakota. This state has enormous areas of rolling plains. This state’s soil is very fertile and this makes North Dakota perfect for all kind of agricultural activities. The North Dakota real estate market is booming because of these reasons.

In the late summer evenings, the shimmering wheat fields make an excellent sight. The small rural towns and stalls on the road make this state of North Dakota an adventurous place to stay. There are also good displays of the folk culture of the state.


In North Dakota’s History, the Louisiana purchases figure promiscuously. The vast track of around 800,000 square miles was previously bought from France by the US in the year 1803. In this land purchase, North Dakota area was also bought.

Geography and Demographics

At the Northern Border, North Dakota have Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces. The red river is also the natural boundary on the eastern corner. This state also makes use of almost 70,700 square miles and 1,724 square miles of inland water. North Dakota state is the 18th largest in the US.


The temperatures are quite good, they have hot summers and long cold winters. Temperature in January is the least and July is the hottest. In fact, the temperature is very low on the northern regions.


If you invest in the North Dakota Real estate, it will surely bring good revenues.

Agriculture is one of the major mainstay of this region. The durum which is a major crop, also helps in the production of by products such as Pasta. This state also produces successfully sunflower seed, barley and flaxseed. There are variety of other products that are also produced such as oats, dry bean, potato, honey and sugar beets. There are huge plains that offer ample of food for the livestock of the state.

Lignite mining is also one of the major industry of this state. This state has good reserves of natural gas. The distance from the other industries has not let the other manufacturing industries to grow and expand in this state.

The north Dakota real estate industry is also developing fast because of the various industries flourishing here. One can find the real estate firms of North Dakota in the directories and also on the internet. There are various listing also provided that give information about the properties for sale. Every buyers, sellers can take tips about which property to opt for or which one to choose. There are numerous agents whose help can be taken for any type of work.

Out of the entire work force of North Dakota of 357,600, majority of them were involved in the wholesale, retail and service sector. Maximum people were involved in construction, mining and manufacturing.

Health and Education

Even the health facilities are quite remarkable compared to the other states. The health statistics reveal that there are almost 200 residents per physician and two residents per hospital beds.

There are quite a few prestigious schools and universities that offer good quality education. There are private institutions and community colleges found in all counties and cities. Even the state government spends a huge amount of money annually .

So, if you are planning to invest in the real estate properties of North Dakota, you have chosen the right option.