Pay Carefully, use Bank of America Mortgage Calculators


Experts believe that Bank of America Mortgage Calculators are not only helpful in calculating the home loan amount but also various other aspects of loan. The simple feature of this mortgage calculator is very essential for calculating the monthly mortgage payment. This plain aspect of the mortgage calculator is helpful for those people who deal with the different aspects of a loan. Apart from calculating the refinance amount, consolidation of debt, loan amount and interest rates can also be calculated very easily.

There are numerous types of Bank of America Mortgage Calculators that are considered very handy. Few among this are-

  • Renting vs Owning
  • Amount one can borrow
  • Closing Cost
  • Mortgage Insurance Cost reduction
  • Refinance Amount
  • Worth of Savings
  • Line of Credit Amount
  • Home Equity Loan or Auto Loan

So, do you want to check whether you qualify to buy a home loan or refinance loan, then these mortgage calculators can be used. With the help of Bank of America Mortgage Calculators one can easily manage their home loan, monthly payment, refinance amount.

Information Needed for the Mortgage Calculator-

  • The first and the foremost important thing required for mortgage calculation is the income of the borrower which can be known through the pay slips and bank statements.
  • The second important thing is the credit score of the borrower.
  • The third most important thing will be the price of the real estate, information about any other debts or liabilities of the borrower.
  • It is observed that the mortgage calculator with the help of this information will begin the mortgage calculations. Then inform the borrower about the exact amount of loan that will be disbursed by the specific mortgage lender. It is a known fact that the mortgage rates calculator will also tell the borrower beforehand about the rates of interest and the minimum monthly payments to be made towards the loan amount. The borrowers will also be informed about the tenure of the loan.
    There are various types of Mortgage Calculators available these days. And the most prominent amongst them are mentioned below-

  • Mortgage Refinance Calculator
  • Mortgage Amortization Schedule Calculator
  • Amortization Schedule Calculator
  • Loan Amortization Calculator
  • Refinance Closing Costs
  • Mortgage Refinance Interest Rate
  • Mortgage Interest Rate Calculator
  • Mortgage Closing Cost Calculator
  • Amortization Table Calculator
  • Home Loan Refinance Calculator
  • Mortgage Loan Amortization
  • Mortgage Closing Cost Calculator
  • Facts one should know about Mortgage Calculator:

Before the mortgage calculators were invented, mortgage calculations were carried in the earlier times as well. They are done with the help of compound interest rate tables. These compound interest rate tables require good knowledge of the compound interest calculation procedure available in mathematics. Experts are of the opinion that the mortgage calculators are immensely useful about the affect of changes within the mortgage variables.

Method of Calculation of Mortgage Calculator:

The method of calculation adopted by a calculator is considered unique. For example, if the principal amount of loan is $ 100,000, the loan tenure is 30 years, the rate of interest per annum is 6.34 % and the monthly payment towards the principal amount is $621.58, then the mortgage calculator will calculate the total amount of principle to be paid after the completion of the tenure of loan.