Services offered by the US banks


It is observed that few of the largest and most modern banks in the whole world are found in the US. Banks in USA always keep a close watch over one another and the rest of the banks in the world monitor their growth rate. They always find what to do next from them.

It is believed that the banks in USA offer financial support to the most developed economy worldwide. This way their importance grows within the global financial market. Their range of products and services offered are wide and varied. They usually take care of personal business or corporate, institutional banking or any other type. It is possible that with the use of the advanced internet services, banks in USA can easily be accessed anywhere any time. There are numerous services offered by these banks. The list of services are as follows-

  • Personal banking services of Banks in USA

It is observed that the personal banking services have been created to cater to routine demands of consumers. The demands usually consists of checking products, internet banking free of charge, ATM/debit card facilities, online bill payment, monthly statement and opening deposits. Experts are of the opinion that loan available in the US banks come in the form of home equity loans, car loans or personal loans. People many at times, like to save money. The most common ways of saving money are the certificates of deposit or passbook savings.

  • Mortgage Services provided by US Banks

There are numerous US banks that offer a range of mortgage services. These mortgage services are carefully designed to take care of the various mortgage needs of customers. It is observed that along with standard mortgage services, banks also offer mortgage calculators. This helps the clients to easily calculate the payment schedules, monthly payments, mortgage amounts, and many more. Besides that, there are online mortgage services which are also provided. This has helped the process of mortgage get easier and hassle-free.

  • Business Banking services offered by US Banks

There are many US banks offering business banking support for corporate clients. Few of the operations dealt by US Banks include checking business accounts, commercial loans, and construction loans. They are offered for business operation or commercial real estate purchases.

  • Other Products and Services provided by US Banks

The Other banking products which the US banks offer include agricultural loans and checking accounts. These agricultural loans are helpful for investors to purchase machinery, livestock, and even real estate. These services are not only cheap but they are helpful for checking accounts. In fact, they can be easily operated too. Among the facilities provided by online banking, it includes balance checking, funds transfer, or bill payment anytime and anywhere.

lthough there are many US Banks, but only few of them are large and provide these services. These banks are well established and reputed. We have included few of them in the largest banks group. The category consists of banks such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Wachovia Bank, Citibank, Washington Mutual Bank, SunTrust Bank, US Bank, and Regions Bank.