Commercial Snow Removal

Winter Commercial

We currently provide snow removal, snow relocation, and ice management services for commercial and condominium properties within the greater Edmonton area. We guarantee snow removal from major lots and walkways within 24 hours of snowfall. Please call for an in-person estimate.


Snow Removal
Ice Management
Snow Relocation

Some of the equipment we use includes shovels, ice picks, backpack blowers, snow blowers, and sidewalk spreaders. For parking lots we use a truck plow and sander.

Sidewalks / Driveways:

• All walkways, sidewalks and driveways Beaconsfield under contract are to be cleared of snow within 24 Hours.
• All common area walkways will be de-iced as necessary using liquid or salt applications.
• Preventative anti-Icing service available.
• Additional charges apply for a heavy snow fall (15cm/6 inches in 24 Hours or less) or severe wind drifting.
Parking Lots:
• All parking lots under contract will be cleared and piled upon a pre-determined amount of snow accumulation (as specified in contract). We will not plow within 1 foot of any vehicles within parking lot to avoid damages.
• Parking lot / laneways to be de-iced after a parking lot clearing within 24 hours of a snow clearing. Product charges based on consumption.
• Piles of snow to be removed and hauled away to the city dump at the discretion of the property owner. Hourly rates apply unless otherwise stated in the service contract.
• Additional charges apply for a heavy snow fall (15cm/6 inches in 24 Hours or less) or severe wind drifting.
Parking Lot Sanding/Salting/Liquid De-Icing/Liquid Anti-Icing
• These services available upon request.
Snow Relocation
• This service available upon request.

Why are people so interested to buy properties in Malta

Foreign nationals have always been interested in buying property in Malta. This is mainly because Malta is known tohave a great climate with all the required safety facilities for its citizens. Apart from this, it is also a tax-haven. Peopleinvesting in this country normally get various tax benefits from the government. As a result, people from various countries like UK, USA, Australia, Scandinavia, member countries of European Union, etc. are quite interested inbuying property in this country.

Reasons to buy property in Malta

Here are some of the major reasons to buy a property Malta. Let’s take a look at the reasons:

Stable price levels of the property: As we all know, people from different parts of the world are interestedin buying property in Malta. So, why do they get attracted to a property in Malta? Well, one of the major reasons is that the property price is quite stable in this country. You will hardly find a sudden increase or decrease in the price of properties in Malta. The constant international demand for property Malta and also the local demand for real estate had always made sure that the property prices are always on the rise. Even though there has been a crisis in the international real estate market, it has not affected the Malta real estate market much.

Range of properties: Not only the stable prices, at Malta, you will be able to find a range of properties. You will be able to find different types of properties here like the farm houses, vacation houses, villas, apartments, holiday homes, etc. Moreover, each of these properties has different types of features. So, when you contact a real estate agent for buying a property, you will be able to know about the characteristics and features of these properties. Moreover, the properties will come in different types of shapes and sizes. You will have the discretion of choosing the right type of property as per your needs and requirements. Most of the propertiesavailable in Malta have lot of space, garage, parking facility, privacy etc. Thus, it will be worthy enough tobuy a property in Malta.

Stable government: The government of Malta is quite stable. Moreover, they have also maintained cordial relation with their immediate neighbours which has helped them in avoiding any kind of internal as well international border related problems. Investors will always prefer to invest in such a country which has stable government. This helps them to safeguard their investment and earn better profits. Apart from this, stable government increases the safety and security within a country.

Stable economy: Another important reason to buy a property in Malta or invest in Malta is that it has a stable economy. The unemployment rate is quite low here. As a result, investors can be well assured of the fact that the economy will not crash down within a short span of time and their investment will also remain safe. They will not lose out their money in any way.
Hopefully, now you understand as to why people are so interested in buying a property in Malta!

Learn about the cost and benefits of residential replacement windows

Investments for replacing windows could be expensive for a homeowner. But, it must be known this investment is something which is best-made prior to any problem concerning the window setup fails abruptly. Homeowners should be conscious of the indications that signal the fitting is gradually giving way. Experiencing significant difficulties that could much costlier when compared to a simple window replacement work. For more information you can visit Gulf Coast Windows.

Functionality Problems

Over time various attributes of the home particularly in areas that experience lots of foot-traffic or use will probably experience deterioration in a faster speed than other regions of the house. Degradation of the window’s functionality is really a clear indicator it needs replacing. In places that experience climates which are severe like hail, heat, and ice development, functionality and quality dips low. The accumulation of wetness in windows is just another indicator the window insulation is a failure. In such scenario replacement windows or hiring professional window cleaning equipment is an ideal solution to save you from costly repairs.

Windows can actually be attributed for utility bills which were gradually exceeding. Windows which are single-pane with age are especially to blame because they provide an insulation evaluation that is truly poor. Householders must invest over replacement windows or commercial window cleaning , to lessen the loss of electricity. Homeowners can see a major change within their bills to the regular speed or sometimes considerably lower, when paired with appliances which are energy-star rated.

Emergency Exit Routes

Many residence owners don’t think about the demand for all windows within the house to be a fully practical exit course. Section of do it yourself jobs should call for the consideration of creating a big proportion if not all windows as beneficial escape paths. Windows which don’t operate right, or don’t open can prove to become a danger especially during a crisis situation.

Keep Your Apartment Cool With Window Air Conditioners

Even though the temperatures have been cool over most of the United States during the past several months, everyone knows the hot weather is on its way. Homeowners often have central air units installed in their home, but apartment dwellers do not always have air conditioning available. This means they will need to purchase their own window unit or try to get by with only fans to make their quarters more comfortable when the temperatures soar. If you have ever tried to get through the sweltering heat with only a few fans to move the air, you know how difficult that can be. Obviously, the best option is to purchase one or more window air conditioners to reduce the heat and humidity and make your apartment livable.

Nearly everyone knows the error of waiting until the hot weather arrives to shop for a new window air conditioner because stores are quickly sold out when the demand increases. You may think only choice at that point is to look for a used unit or suffer through the heat with only some fans. But, even if you are able to find someone who wants to sell a used window unit, you have no guarantee that it will perform well, and it may even stop working at all.

There are multiple retail stores that sell window air conditioners, and you may be able to find the exact unit you want and need at a reasonable price. You should certainly make your purchase as soon as possible so you are prepared for the hot, humid weather whenever it arrives. However, you may shop all the local stores without finding the appropriate window unit at a price you are willing to pay. Fortunately, there is another option available if you should find yourself in that situation. Online stores offer a wide selection of reasonably priced air conditioners, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find some of them offer price matching, tax free sales and free shipping. In addition, all new products include a full manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 day return or exchange policy.