Caterpillar Machine – Two most capable Excavator


Caterpillar 303.5C CR is a mini hydraulic excavator that is equipped with a Mitsubishi S3Q2-T engine that generates 39 horsepower which makes the mini excavator run at maximum speed of 2.9 mph. This Caterpillar machine is all time high performers which unlike most of the excavators doesn’t compromises on comfort and operational features.

The cab is highly engineered to give spacious and comfortable working environment to the operator with high visibility. The floor is clean with lot of space which gives legroom hence minimizes the chances of driver fatigue. To take the comfort to next level the Caterpillar 303.5C CR comes equipped with air conditioner as option. For easy entry and exit the cab has sliding door which further reduces the risk of damage. The operational controls are made in such a way, that they can stay functional as good as new through out the life of the equipment.

To improve the maneuverability in harsh land conditions the machinery comes equipped with two speed function modes and the system also helps the excavator to move on high speed with proper balance and control.

To give hassle free operation, the upper body radius of the machine stays in the width of under carriage so that rider can concentrate on much important things rather than concentrating on the back of the machine.

The comfort level is further enhanced with reclining seats, adjustable wrist rests, power point and a cup holder.

Caterpillar 303.5C CR bags high marks on performance. The machine is capable of digging with high force and fast cycle time that ensures that the equipment meets customer’s expectation. All this power comes from three cylinder turbo charged diesel engine that is backed by a variable displacement pump which makes the machine usable on high altitudes.

The machine can be fitted with variety of tools some of them includes:

Digging buckets
Ditch cleaning buckets
Hydraulic hammers
Angling ditching buckets

Hammer one way and auger two way comes standard on the machine. Cat’s mechanical Quick Coupler makes the tools to transform fast and at an ease.

Dozer blade makes Caterpillar 303.5C CR easy ground lever with finishing and landscaping application.

Caterpillar machine has also engineered the CR series to work on low operating costs. The swing out rear door provides access to major parts like engine oil filter, engine oil check, starter motor and alternator. The side hood reveals air filter, auxiliary change over value, fuel filter, hydraulic tank and radiator and oil cooler.

314C LCR Hydraulic Excavator

Caterpillar 314C LCR comes equipped with a Cat 3064 T Diesel engine that generates 95 horsepower and max lifting capacity of 7800 kg. The new Caterpillar 314C LCR is improved on many aspects. It is now a better performer with increased hp has enhanced controllability that is backed with redesigned operator cab that increases productivity and lowers operating costs.

Four cylindered Cat 3064 T Diesel engine is powerful, reliable gives economy and is low on emission. The new engine has long stoke piston movement which increases torque at medium and low speed engine speeds.

The engine has three stage control option that maximizes fuel economy and reduces sound level. For easy maintenance the oil level gauge, oil filter, fuel filter and priming pump are all located in front.

Compact engineered design makes the machine tools easy to move in tight places. The front swing from center measures 1970 mm and 1480 mm is the rear. Short tail measurement helps Caterpillar 314C LCR to work without obstacles even in urban environment.

Cab design enables the rider to concentrate on productive things. The cab is equipped with sliding door which takes less space to open and close when compared to hinged doors.

The gauge monitor is on the right side which is easy visible from the operator seat. For operators highest comfort level and fatigue less long hours of working the equipment employees fully automatic climate control with standard air conditioning system.