Investing In Real Estate Foreclosures


In tough times in the real estate market there are always opportunities. Foreclosures are one such opportunity.

In tough times like these plenty of people are getting their fingers burnt. Margins loans to buy shares would not be popular right now, for example.

Foreclosures are an example of an area where real estate investors can do well in a difficult market.

Right now there are masses of foreclosures, as we’re sure you know.

Of course foreclosed properties are normally sold at auctions, so any investor can go to the auction and buy themselves a good property. And they can usually buy at a good price if there are a lot of foreclosures.

However in times like these when the real estate market is in meltdown and foreclosures are through the roof not all foreclosed properties are sold at public auction.

There are also foreclosed properties sold by banks directly to buyers as well.

And buyers who are in the know and are able to buy foreclosed properties in a market like the current market are able to buy at significant discounts.

So if you’re an investor you can do very well buying real estate at foreclosure auctions.

But of course you still have to know what you’re doing. Even buying foreclosed properties you still need to have done your homework. You have to buy the right property in the right area, and you still have to find a loan.

Or you could get it all done for you by a company that is a specialist in real estate investing. And secure yourself a property no money down, loan supplied, tenant supplied, rental guarantee, immediate 15% or so equity.