Outside The Box Thinking


When I hear late night infomercials about how to make money quick and hear about various work at home programs and websites, I can get sucked in just like the rest of the world. They make it sound so easy to get rich and have financial security.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy.

But, what I like about those programs is that it points out the benefits of thinking outside the box and that can be very lucrative.

So often in real estate buyers and sellers tend to think of real estate transactions in the same way that they think of buying a computer at a big box store or selling a used car.

You put a for sale sign on your product and wait for someone to come by and make you an offer. When you have agreed to the price. The buyer walks away with the real estate and the seller walks away with the money. Done.

But real estate transactions rarely work that way, nor should they.

Buyers and sellers, investors and property managers should always be thinking outside of that traditional box. There are a million different ways for a deal to get done and the people getting rich on real estate are the people who understand that. They are not people afraid of taking some very calculated risks, either.

Real estate transactions can be incredibly creative and still be completely legal and above board. In fact, creativity can sometimes lead to some very profitable deals.

Those of us who love the art of the transaction enjoy looking at the possibilities and creating a path to financial success. When a unique transaction comes together, it is exciting.

So many people in real estate can get scared, not just because of the financial investment or the long-term commitment, but because the deal looks different than they imagined. But different is sometimes the most profitable.

I often tell people that real estate deals are a process that is dynamic. It evolves and changes as the variables change. Those who are not easily spooked by those expected changes have the best luck at success. Those who are willing to look at a deal in a number of different ways, have the best chance at profit.

It is important to know that real estate is more likely to be a long-term investment than a short one, so there is no getting rich quick. But with some understanding, homework and using your experts, you can do very well in this market.