Real Estate Financing – Best Resource


If you’re looking for the most up-to-date real estate financing information the best resource I know of is the Realty Bluebook. I’ve used it for years in my real estate business. All residential and commercial real estate agents and real estate brokers, investment advisors, investment counselors, financial planners, investors, loan officers, real estate attorneys, real estate appraisers, etc. use it. The general public usually isn’t aware of its existence. Your library may have a copy and you can buy it online.

It’s necessary to have a resource book like the Realty Bluebook because no one can possibly keep up to date on the latest finance information.

Real Estate Financing

The financing section has nearly 200 pages of the most complete current and easy-to understand detailed facts about: Fannie Mae, FHA, VA, conventional and seller financing, fixed rate loans, ARMs – adjustable rate mortgages, bi-weeklies, 15-year mortgages, reverse mortgages for senior citizens and much more.

Tools for Creative Seller Real Estate Financing

Effective tools for creative seller financing, including: wraparounds, lease options, buydowns, seller concessions, how to write second mortgages without running afoul of restrictions and much more.

Financial Tables

The section I use almost daily is the financial tables: monthly payments to amortize a $1,000 loan, annual percentage rates, bi-weekly, weekly and monthly payment schedules, net and gross selling prices, factors to compute interest portion of loan payments, remaining balance table, income conversion table, equity build-up table measurements and conversion tables.

More Financial Tables

Loan Payment Tables
APR Tables
Bi-Weekly Payment Tables
Constant Annual Percent Tables
Loan-to-Value Ratios
Net and Gross Selling Price
Factors to Compute Monthly Interest
Remaining Balance Tables
Balloon Payment Tables
Yield Tables
History of ARM Indexes Graph
GPM Highest Outstanding Balance
GPM Outstanding Balance Factors
FHA-GPM Tables
GEM Tables
FHA Loan-to-Value Table
Income Conversion Table
Future Values Compounded Annually
Future Values Compounded Monthly
Present Values
Compound Interest Comparison
Federal Discount Rate
Equity Build-up Tables
Depreciation Tables
Federal Income Tax Rates
Square Footage Charts
Metric Measurements and Conversions
Directions for Use of Tables
Calculator Keystrokes for HP and Qualifier Plus™

Virtually everything you need or want to know about real estate financing – residential, investment and commercial financing, is in the Realty Bluebook.