Time To Buy and Invest


For the last two years, its easy to find investors big and small who have pulled their money by the millions from real estate investments and say they want some place safe to put their funds. As the housing market plummeted and fears that property

investments would lead to losses, its no wonder that some people were scared away.

For some of these people, you can’t convince them to ever park their investment dollars in property again. Those investors are happy to put their dollars in what they believe are “safer” investments like stocks and bonds. But, they are also missing a

golden opportunity to make money and reap a much better return that 1 or 2 percent.

Take a look at this post today at CNN/, “…shares of real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are on fire this year.”

And one real estate investment company is up 9% in 2010.

Why with all doom and gloom in the news are these people investing in real estate.

Simply put, its the best time to buy. Our supply of real estate, all kinds, far out paces our demand for it, and that means that prices are low. But, it won’t last for

long. As the demand increases due to a stabilizing economy, our supply will shrink and that will drive up prices. Right now, we are sitting in the lowest dip of a very cyclical market. And like all cycles, that low point will begin to reverse. Most economist are predicting that we are in a recovery period and the Recession is over. But, whether we are out of the Recession or not, we know that we are headed that way. So, now is not the time to sit on the fence and wait any longer for a lower bottom. It’s time to buy and invest in property and wait for the appreciation and reap much better investment returns that what the stock market can offer.