Times Are Tough, But You Still Need To Plan, And Invest


There’s no doubt that the real estate market is extremely difficult now. But that actually creates opportunities, if you know where to look.

Welcome to Win-Win Real Estate Investments.

Our website is dedicated to profitable, ethical real estate investing. Profitable is obvious, meaning that the real estate investor profits from his investment.

However ethical is not so obvious.

What is ethical real estate investing? Ethical real estate investing is investing in real estate where the people who live in the house you invest in benefit from the transaction too. And the entire local community benefits from your investment.

It may sound strange, however in times like these, when real estate prices are plunging, the real estate investor has to have everything going for him. Ethical real estate investing protects the real estate investor.

And when times are tough there’s some other things that an essential requirement for successful real estate investing. Here’s a few:

1. A proven real estate investment strategy that is known to work in good times, and bad.

2. A turnkey strategy that is duplicable, so the investor can buy more properties after the success of the first, to maximise returns.

3. Guaranteed performance of the investment properties.

4. A solid financing source that doesn’t require the individual investor to obtain finance, but the finance is obtained for him.

5. The backing of an experienced company offering a proven investment plan.

That last point is extremely important. It’s incredibly difficult for the average person to profitably invest in real estate in hard times and even good times. It takes a lot of experience, time and money to be a successful real estate investor.

Most people need the backing of a reputable partner that offers a turnkey strategy to real estate investing that leaves the hard work in the hands of the partner, not the investor.

In our view the best turnkey real estate investment strategy is that offered by City Capital Corporation, a listed US public company that has a long history of securing successful, profitable and ethical real estate investments for it’s investors, finding finance for qualified investors and doing all the work on their behalf.