Tree Planting In Your Backyard


As the weather warms and spring arrives, garden enthusiasts pack local garden centers ready to take home trees and other shrubbery to green up their yards. There are some basic steps to take when you are tree planting.

By following simple plant guides, you can make sure that your tree thrives and grows and you don’t lose your investment. After all, trees are an investment in your local ecosystem and ultimately the world.

When trees are stored in a nursery for long periods of time, it becomes necessary to re-burlap them, as the burlap could rot before the tree is sold. If it has been re-wrapped, then there is a possibility that nylon strings are between the layers of burlap; so check the tree and stem carefully before tree planting. Just as long as the nylon string is removed from around the stem of the tree, it should do just fine.

It does not matter whether you have rich soil or depleted soil; what matters most is to not plant your tree too deeply. Landscape Duncraig gardener lose trees every year by failing to abide by this tree planting rule of thumb. Something else to keep in mind is staking.

You should always stake a newly planted tree so that it doesn’t rock back and forth in the wind. Trees have a hard time taking root when they are constantly displaced by the elements. If you have further questions or concerns, then you should consult gardening books or guides, or get advice from your local gardening center that also offer garden maintenance services.